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Starting the New Year with a few surveys to see what the people like and want out of art and lessons in art. Take a few minutes, only 10 questions each, to answer the two surveys and receive 20% off of first purchase of a painting and 1 free lesson when you purchase 2 lessons. […]

The Complete Van Gogh; My first art book

          The first art book that I purchased was The Complete Van Gogh; Paintings -Drawings- Sketches. I was 16. My family was on vacation in California, started in San Diego and worked our way up to San Francisco. My birth place almost ,Oakland really, my favorite city on the west coast. We were […]


An artist palette is very important and personal. And everyone has there own way of setting it up. When asked about it, I am make sure that I convey the fact that this is the way that works for ME! Take my suggestions and use them as you can to better your painting. Palette Surface: […]

First Blog Ever!

      I have recently moved my studio and it has changed everything! Space is so important, weather it is around you or in the art you create. Changing the space around you can have a drastic effect on the art you produce. My first studio space was in my parents basement, having one […]