What I do

I am a visual artist that loves to work in a variety of materials to achieve the desired effect for each piece of art. Primarily, I work in oil paints to capture the many layers of the landscape around me. The Northumberland landscape lends itself to my layered painting technique. Using light washes of oil paint, I build up the surface of the painting, allowing the first coat of paint to shine through. This captures the wonderful glow that this great Northumberland scenery shows us.

Working in watercolour, I can achieve a lightness that I use with my little botanical studies. The changes of seasons have always captured my interest and inspired a series of flower studies.

My obsession with trees is quite evident in most of my work. This subject care over in all mediums, paintings and mix-media drawings..


I love to draw. It is as simple as that. I see lines and angles before I see colour. That is the bases of all of my work, with colour a strong second. I come from a family of artist and I was lucky to start studying as a young teen in Coplay PA at the Barnstone Studios. There I learned the Golden Section, Fletcher Colour Theory, contrast of light and the line quality of the Old Masters.

Each is as important as the other in any of my paintings.

With this very classical background, I then learned to have feeling and energy in my art at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Studying illustration and printmaking gave my art a graphic feel. It was the landscape however, that captured my heart when I moved out of the city of Philadelphia and into the countryside.

Living in a variety of areas in the US has allowed me to study and paint the changing landscape around me. Moving from the soft landscape of Pennsylvania to the very dramatic mountains of Colorado that had a very strong inference in my technique. After living in Colorado for many years my family and I relocated to Northumberland. Here is where I found my love of the England coast line.  Capturing the feel of the wind in the grass by the sea or the river cutting its way through the countryside has become my passion.

Living in the UK

Since moving to the UK, I have become engulfed in the beautiful views of Northumberland. The breath-taking sea coast and the wilds of the countryside are my focus at the moment.

I am attempting to capture the light and contrast of the colour found in the most subtle of places. With bold compositions I balance these subtle themes.     

Since opening Rebecca Noelle Art Studio and Gallery in Kirkharle Courtyard I have grown as an artist both artistically and in confidence. The landscape and people of the UK have helped develop my painting style.  This past year I took a leap and entered  Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. And to my surprise I was chosen to participate in season 7 of the wonderful series. It was a wonderful experience and will air on Sky on the 9th of February. Keep an eye out!